Kelly Puleio is an east coast born, San Francisco-based photographer whose work pushes conventional ideas of beauty. 

Polly Allen Mellen said, "An ordinary fashion photograph is in essence a vitrine in two dimensions. It's about the merchandise. But a great photograph, like a window with the power to arrest crowds on a sidewalk, has to channel a dream." This speaks volumes about Puleio's work and artistic philosophy. With respect and appreciation she explores and discovers the subtleties of femininity and sexuality, to create a body of work that keeps the viewer engaged and hungry for more. She crosses genres and subjects with integrity and clear vision because of her love for the art; Her photographs make desire tangible. She involves herself in many collaborative projects with fellow artists, writers, and models that find value in creative deconstruction.  

Puleio is a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia and California College of the Arts. She is an inspiring mentor to up and coming artists. Her work is published and exhibited nationally and internationally.